Glen Todd

Syndicate Manager

Glen ToddFor Glen Todd, the North American Thoroughbred Horse Co Syndicate is the latest project to illustrate just how much he loves horse racing. Glen's history in the horse racing game can be traced back to the moment his parents met at Hastings Park in 1939. "There's a lot of history of it in my family," says Glen, who is best known outside of the Thoroughbred racing circuit as the founder of the annual Canada Cup International Womens' Fastpitch tourney at Softball City. He was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 2008 for his long-time involvement with softball.

Glen's favourite childhood pastime was attending races with his father. Any opportunity he had to be around Thoroughbred horses, and the people who work with them, was considered an education in how to recognize what makes a horse a frontrunner. Glen took that accumulated knowledge and, over the years, has turned it into an impressive talent for discerning a potential winner when he sees one.

In 2009, Glen and Thoroughbred partner, Patrick Kinsella, led Hastings Park Racecourse results with an outstanding 41-wins. Glen says that "there isn't a bigger thrill in the world than your horse winning a race". They own or co-own over fifty horses, with the majority racing at Hastings.

Glen opened the Derby Bar & Grill, almost three years ago. A cozy and classy restaurant, it provides a complete off-track betting Teletheatre introducing new people to horse racing and developing the business as a whole. It offers simulcast horse racing from tracks around North America on dozens of screens, including tabletop versions. Throughout, several automated machines take bets, as does the mutuel teller located at the back of the restaurant. Like a proud father, he has framed photos of his winning horses lining the hallways outside of the restaurant.

With the new Syndication venture, Glen is excited about presenting the opportunity to anyone who's ever wondered what owning a racehorse is about.

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